Friday Favorites: 6/19

I am so excited to share this list with you! This is everything I am currently OBSESSED with! 
1) Certified Celebrator. Okay, I love Brittany Young so much! She makes me happy literally every single day on Instagram. Every month she publishes a new magazine to help you intentionally celebrate all month long! She also just launched her first book!! You can preorder it here
2) The Food Nanny. You guys are going to love Lizi and her mom so much, I want them to my bff's!! Their site is loaded with great recipes that you will love. The other thing I can't get enough of? Their Kamut! It's the best flour EVER! 
3) Ilala Bags. These bags are the most beautiful things I have ever seen! They are super affordable but you would never, ever know it by looking at them! Their cross-body bags are my favorites. 
4) Shop Style Your Senses.This is the only Facebook/IG boutique I buy from. I don't know about you but I found out a lot of them sell clothes whose quality is less than desired Not Shop Style Your Senses! Their products are high quality and budget-friendly. I seriously buy from them multiple times a week, whoops! 
5) Whitney English Planners.I just bought this planner to start in July because if there was ever a year that needed a new planner, it is 2020! This is hands down the most beautiful planner ever and PERFECT for list-makers like me!  
6) Ruggable: I get asked a lot why we don't carry rugs in the shop. We just can't compete with the big guys online like Ruggable! I just snagged this new runner from them for my pantry. Best part? You can wash it! 
7) Ice Machine. My mom bought this for me and every person needs it! It makes the perfect ice to chew and doesn't cost much! It makes my ice in like 10 minutes and it's my favorite gadget ever! 
8) Danish Dough Hooks. I use these for everything but especially when I'm making bread, basically it's a game-changer. 
9) Marble Tumbler. This tumbler never leaves my side! It's 32oz so it helps me get all of my water in easier and it stays so cold all day long! 
10) Cake stands. I love using cake trays to display my cakes (that I learn from The  Food Nanny) but I really love to use them as decoration in my kitchen and pantry!